Redacted Red Can Monoprint

I started the linoleum cut of the classic WD-40 can about a year ago. After several ‘clean’ black ink prints on antique white paper I felt like, although pretty in its simplicity, the work did not feel right. I wound up storing (and ignoring) the linoleum board for about 6 months until I had finished the redacted shock and slaw set. The grittiness that came out of the cole slaw group revealed to me exactly what needed to be done with the can series.

Two Months In…

After 2 months of repeatedly beating on the paper, layering papers types, scratching through ink, adding an inked layer of a large wood panel and trying to ink over and over layers of color and texture – some really nice elements began to appear. The two slate colored cans were the first to be completed from the set, but today was the first can to be redacted – a burning red can. I like to think beautifully brutal.

This week I plan to redact a bright blue can to make a potential match set of red and blue. If you are interested in any of the redaction pieces or have questions, please contact us.