Finally. The Enchanted.

The Enchanted photographic series begins to tie all the work created within the last year together. I could see this in my mind, but until the photos came to life – my work continued to look disconnected…as if three different people are working in my studio. Like a puzzle, The Enchanted was the missing component.

DWP November 2015 No.1 Black and White Film Photography DWP November 2015 No.2 Black and White Film Photography

Blah Blah with Balls No. 5

I had previously written about how the series began with multiple trials, locations, test shoots and what a struggle it was to pick up a medium format film camera after a long break. The group of three final shots above are the first of many to come. However tempting it is to title these pieces “Blah Blah with Balls No. 5” etc. and believe me, I know EXACTLY how funny that would be considering the names of some of the locations, but I decided to settle on the entire series being named The Enchanted after seeing No.2 and No.3 which were photographed at Dirty Woman Park in early November.

The Enchanted (Autumn) No.2

The Enchanted (Autumn) No.2 has something special about it. The photograph turned out quiet and emotionally charged yet strangely beautiful. I’m delighted with the result even though scattering the classic beach balls around the frame was my initial intent; a single solitary ball showed me something unexpected. The title for the series “The Enchanted ” or “The Enchanted (Autumn)” is inspired by a scene description from Giraudoux’s play The Enchanted and unusually enough, Duchamp . I owe a great deal of gratitude to Amanda Stanton-Geddes for introducing me to modern French theatre long ago. I have plans to create more photographs for The Enchanted (Winter) and The Enchanted (Spring).

DWP November 2015 No.2 Black and White Film Photography