The Wild Flowers Series began as a series of small sketches I began several months ago for a design project. The studies grew to have so much potential I decided to create an entire series based off of the idea of how different nature derived elements can look enmeshed in a beautiful tangle of colors, shapes and line work. Shown below is the mixed media drawing Wild Flowers No. 14

Contemporary floral drawing by abstract nature artist Sara Richardson


Earthy, Dramatic & a Little Bit Electrified

Wild Flowers No.14 is created with pastel, acrylic and conte’ on  acrylic, conté, fine ground stone and pastel on on 100% cotton acid-free/pH neutral 300 gsm paper with top and bottom deckle edges. It has been absolute joy to bring a dynamic edge to this series through layers of earthy colors, dramatic strokes and the use of an electrified white. There is so much energy in these artworks I am already looking forward to see where I can take the series and if…(dare I say?!) a spin-off series will happen in the future.