The Wild Flowers abstract drawing series began as small studies that incorporated different textural elements such as ground stone, sand and pumice mixed into gel mediums. Some of the artwork completely flopped (sand when used generously begins to put up a fight) however several of the pieces took on an ethereal airy appearance that I found striking. The photo below is of Wild Flowers No.8 a mixed media drawing on 11w x 14h 570gsm 100% cotton paper.

Contemporary abstract drawings by artist Sara C Richardson

Wild Flowers in Early Stages of Growth

Even though the Wild Flowers series is in its early stages I can see many possible directions the series could take. For now, I have several small works growing in the studio but have plans to bump the scale up to larger pieces. Something tells me the larger these works get the more pronounced the voice will become. Don’t get me wrong, they have plenty to say when they are little but it is “studio intuition” that tells me the abstracted flowers will grow into larger and larger dimensions. Imagine…60 x 60!


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