Original acrylic landscape painting by fine artist Sara Richardson

Basil’s Folly No.5 Goes to the UNITED KINGDOM

I am pleased to say that one of my favorite paintings from the Basil’s Folly Series was recently purchased by a collector in the UK. Basil’s Folly No.5 is a small framed (16w x 20h in / 40.64w x 50.8h cm ) acrylic painting on pH neutral 100% cotton rag heavy weight paper.

The Basil’s Folly Series at a glance looks like a contemporary landscape paintings…pretty, with dynamic brush work, a high contrast color palette and loads of movement. They are! However, the series goes a little deeper than just technical language.

Imaginary Play in a Landscape Setting

When I started the series I was thinking about how children like to pretend when they play – anything and everything is possible. I thought about a child’s game that included an imaginary ruin inspired folly ie Greek ruins. By folly, I mean the architectural definition: whimsical or extravagant structure built to serve as a conversation piece, lend interest to a view, commemorate a person or event, etc. found especially in England in the 18th century  (thanks Dictionary.com). Basil, is the name of a fictional little boy I thought would play the games around the pretend folly with friends.

This may seem like a lot to attach to a little painting, but I think it helps illustrate how much thought I often put into my artwork. Many times there are elaborate stories connected to every single piece and sometimes the work just is.