Original encaustic art by contemporary artist Sara Richardson

The Exacting Potion Encaustic Painting Series

No.7 started off having ties to my prior works that were based off of the idea of Poseidon passing romantic notes in the ocean by shaping the currents. However, The Exacting Potion took a creative leap to the notion of Kleodora (a Greek mythological figure) making love potions with ocean water. This series introduces a more gentle approach to color, motion, light and allows bits of the unexpected to remain inside the layers of glassy surfaces. Paintings No.7, No.8 and No.9 are sold individually or can be purchased as a set.

The Exacting Potion Nº 7 :

  1.   Is created with encaustic wax, pigment and encaustic medium on a cradled birch panel
  2.   The dimensions are 14w x 18h x 1.5d or 45.72 x 35.56 x 3.81 cm
  3.   Will be carefully packaged, arrive with a soft lint-free buffing cloth and care tips
  4.   Signed and dated on the back
  5.   Sides of the painting cleaned and painted black. The back of the painting will be pre-wired unless you are planning on having the piece framed. I will ask you your preference upon purchase.

Original encaustic art by contemporary artist Sara Richardson

Collectors can buy No.7 Direct from the Studio or via online galleries

The Exacting Potion No.7 and others from this series can be purchased from Artfinder, Saatchia Art, and directly from the studio. If you are interested in purchasing a set or multiples from this series please send a message to studio.

Do you have questions about commissioning a painting or are you interested in purchasing work from the studio? Please send a message to studio. Curious about encaustic art and care for an encaustic painting? Click to learn tips about how to care for your encaustic work of art.