Encaustic paintings by contemporary artist Sara Richardson

Encaustic Painting Series

The Exacting Potion Series started earlier this year has evolved into a nine piece group of works ranging in sizes from 18w x 18h to 14w x 18h. The dimensions of the works was intentional to help tie them all together but also so that the works could be sold in sets of three if a collector desired. The Exacting Potion No.4 (shown above) although simpler in composition compared to the other encaustic paintings was probably the trickiest of all the works to complete because of the saturated black at the bottom of the work.

The black became problematic because it needed to be a blue undertone black – deep and mysterious – to make the work cohesive but it meant having to constantly mix, test and match the correct black. Any warmth or red that would appear in the black would touch colors next to it and create purple causing a visual disconnect. I tend to mix small batches of pigment to work with, but now that I am moving towards creating larger pieces it will mean color testing in small batches and growing to large batch color mixing. Fortunately for No.4 , I mixed the exact black I needed and the painting came together wonderfully.

Original encaustic art by contemporary artist Sara Richardson

Collectors can buy No.4 Direct from the Studio, Artfinder and Saatchi

The Exacting Potion No.4 and others from this set can be purchased from Artfinder, Saatchia Art, and directly from the studio. If you are interested in purchasing a set or multiples from this series please send a message to studio.

Do you have questions about commissioning a painting or are you interested in purchasing work from the studio? Please send a message to studio. Curious about encaustic art and care for an encaustic painting? Click to learn tips about how to care for your encaustic work of art.