Expressive landscape painting by contemporary artist Sara Richardson

Basil’s Folly No.9

I began working with a new heavy weight paper a few months ago and like it so much I started painting more additions to the Basil’s Folly series. My history with painting on paper started almost 25 years ago when a favorite professor introduced me to how terrific it can be to work with huge rolls of Daniel Steel paper. They no longer make the rolls of paper sadly, but over the years I have continued to explore various types of fine art paper and learn what works best for different mediums.

Basil’s Folly No.9, a vibrantly painted expressionistic landscape painting, is created on an archival 640gsm cold press paper with decked edges. To art nerds like me, details like this equate to fantastically fun times in the studio. If you would like to learn more about the Basil’s Folly series, simply send a note to the studio.

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