Oil painting study by contemporary painter Sara Richardson

Season Interuptus

The holiday season in my studio doesn’t mean the work flow comes to a halt. I do, however, slow down during the holidays but this year I planned ahead and decided to structure my studio time differently…I am prepped and ready to create batch after batch of studies. I guess it’s like what most people are doing in their kitchens with cookies. The temporary restructure should reduce the stress of being interrupted to do joyful things. You know I am kidding, right? All in good fun.

Eumenides – A Batch of Studies for a New Year

One of the habits I have is to work on studies between series and collections. It helps work evolve into new and sometimes unexpected directions. The time I take to work on studies is also when I try working with materials I have never used before. This can mean amazing (or garbage bin) results. Either way, it keeps things fresh and exciting in the studio.

The painting above is Eumenides Study No.1, oil paint on Arches oil paper (300gsm). I have not worked with this paper and find myself delighted – not put off by the 300gsm/140lb thinking it would be flimsy. It’s not as rigid as some of the 640gsm papers I have been experimenting with lately, but it’s quite nice and the paper texture does not compete with brushwork / techniques.

The plans for my studio include groups of studies to help grow the Eumenides series, continuing to experiment with the Arches oil paper (I’d like to push it until it breaks) and a new hot press 640gsm soft texture paper I purchased specifically for this time frame. I’d love to also produce 30 small drawings but I’ll be happy if I land somewhere around 20. I’ll see how it goes. Stay joyful, positive and healthy. Happy holidays!

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