Abstract nature inspired acrylic paintings by contemporary artist Sara Richardson

A Contemporary Take on Nature inspired Paintings

Originally, I started this spin-off series because I noticed something interesting in the Lantern Series…the individual shapes being created are fantastic! So, I simplified the composition (most of these paintings ‘float’ in a white space), settled on monochromatic schemes and didn’t restrict myself to type of materials used. After about the 4th black and white version, I settled on acrylic, medium on 400gsm paper – tossed the ink, charcoal and watercolors out for now.

Contemporary artist Sara Richardson

Seedlings in Indigo – Not Pantone Ultra Violet

By the time I reached the 9th black and white painting, I introduced a deep, rich indigo and Payne’s grey to the palette. The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year is Ultra Violet but I am just not seeing the Seedling Series translated into violet. Not yet. I like the moodiness the darker colors introduce and that much of the focus is on the gestural qualities and movement. Who knows, a little black added to ultra violet may be interesting.

The Seedling paintings are sold individually because they are strong enough to stand on their own however, they were designed to work well together in pairs or groups.

The paintings arrive pre-matted in a gallery style white archival 8-ply mat unless you choose to not have them matted. If you need help purchasing or selecting which paintings may work best with one another please do not hesitate to ask the studio for help.

Have questions about the Seedling Series?

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