Original abstract watercolor by contemporary artist Sara Richardson

An Expression of Hope

The painting “Confection One” is part of a series that utilizes complex color palettes, expressive brushwork and dramatic organic-derived compositions. On a personal note, I am not a standard watercolor artist (whatever that means) and never have been. I’ve always enjoyed pushing mediums in ways they aren’t expected to go, bend and sometimes break in order to find new methods of working. Remind me to tell the story of the museum award for a piece I made out of kids watercolors and crayons.

My intentions in the studio with this group of paintings is to create different surface textures, find connections between imagery usage and technical approaches…to make the works appear like a beautiful contradiction and then, then the meaning or interpretation changes to something visually synergistic.

I am looking for unusual pairings, building equations and finding answers to create a new type of rhythmic visual language. Confection One is a small painting — about 12″x16″ but I see this dynamic batch of little work being the precursor to something larger.

Purchasing Questions?

If you are you interested in the painting “Confection One” or purchasing additional art work directly from the studio, please send a message and we will be happy to help you.