Sara Richardson fine artist studio biography photo

I’m not a good model AT ALL. I’m pretty sure I give photographers ulcers when they are trying to photograph me. What can I say? 90% of my studio photographs where I’m trying to look normal turn out angry or grumpy looking unless I’m clowning around. Anyway, in an attempt to keep up with sharing the new things happening in the studio, I thought I would have more studio shots taken despite my grumpy face tendency.

I wish I could see more detailed images of de Kooning’s (or 50 other artists I love) art space. Specific things like palettes, tubes of paint, books they are interested in – stuff like that. I think it’s interesting to see photographs like this, don’t you? Note the painting in the background of the photo above – it is in the early stages of development, but you can see how the composition is starting to take shape.

In the future I will continue to post studio updates but if you like, please contact the studio for commission inquiries, purchasing or licensing requests.