Indigo Chiffon No.2 is part of a series that utilizes bold brushwork, dramatic compositions and the introduction of gestural organic shapes interlaced with intricate patterns. I am creating an abstracted perception of light filtering / moving through elements derived from nature…delicate leaves, tangled floral shapes and meshed tree branches. Indigo Chiffon No.2 is an essence, illusion and careful capture of natural life expressed through paint, intent and passion.

Original painting Indigo Chiffon No.2 by fine artist Sara Richardson

Layers, Color Construct & Texture Creates the Paintings Sense of Light

This painting has several different textures created by being worked over and over (and over) to develop countless layers that I am pleased to see push forward and pull back. I love that you can see through these frothy like woven plants that float in a time-fractured space of light and depth. Indigo Chiffon No.2 is doing exactly what I intended…the painting appears to shift and move depending on the position of the viewer.

Orignial artwork by contemporary fine artist Sara C Richardson

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