Contemporary artist Sara Richardson inside the studio

Goal Setting & New Systems

My goals for 2019 are not only to create as much art as possible but to also expand different areas in my studio that I know need to be developed and nurtured. I am trying, with some success, to be better at documenting the process of how artwork is made in the studio (like a recipe book) and sharing snippets of daily life at work. Today, I am sharing a photo of myself working on one of the Melodic Minor drawings a sub-series of the larger group Abstract Organics.

Drawing Strength

One of my power-house strengths as an artist is drawing. This confidence took time to grow–it was not immediate. In fact, I was told awful things by an instructor my first year at a college art school. Interesting is that the cruel words had the opposite effect on me. I did not switch fields of study! In fact, I transferred to a better school, channeled the toxicity, grew into a metaphorical fury and over time became a beast at drawing. Before I left for graduate school, a couple of trusted professors told me I was one of the best drawing students they’d seen at the university in 20 years. Thank you. Thank you very much and yet, I’ll never stop making myself better and better and better.


Do You Have Art Purchasing Questions?

If you are you interested in paintings or commissioning a work from the studio please send a message to the studio and we will be happy to help you.