Abstract nature inspired paintings by contemporary artist Sara Richardson

A Productive Month+

Over the past month I have continued to develop the ever-expanding Seedling Series. There are currently two sets one of which is black and white the other set is indigo and white. One of my intentions behind the series is to offer collectors the chance to create their own personal pairings or combinations that speaks the most to them individually and (of course) I provide advice if needed.

I feel like the paintings are strong enough to stand independently on their own but they work extraordinarily well with each other, don’t they?! It’s an exciting way to see a visual dialogue occur between the artworks depending on how they are arranged. The photograph below illustrates how some of paintings look when grouped as a set of four.

Modern decor ideas using original art by fine artist Sara Richardson

Purchasing Questions?

The painting shown above Seedling Study No.10 is from the Seedling Series within the category Abstract Organics. If you are you interested in purchasing work from the studio or commissioning a painting please send a message to studio.