Abstract landscape painting by contemporary artist Sara Richardson

From the mountains to the valleys to the ocean

I recently relocated from Colorado to the East Coast. While living in Colorado I was constantly inspired by the vastness, light shifts and movement the breezes cause in the atmosphere. I was also drawn to the ever changing landscape shapes. However, where I lived the land was often thirsty for water. Don’t get me wrong, it was incredibly beautiful but the colors of the vegetation would often turn to crispy browns and beiges because of the lack of precipitation.

And now, I am surrounded by thick dense woods, extremely saturated colors and vegetation that is thriving. I am also very close to different types of water sources ie. lakes, rivers, creeks and oceans.

My artistic personality is to absorb my surroundings with glee and wonder. Although saddened by the move, I am optimistic about what this change will mean to my studio, paintings and future. I’ve always felt mixing it up is good for artistic growth.

Acrylic Painting Basil's Folly No.7 by contemporary artist Sara Richardson

Purchasing Questions?

The paintings above are from the Basil’s Folly Series within Abstract Organics. If you are you interested in purchasing work from the studio or commissioning a painting please send a message to studio.