Oil paintings and fine art by contemporary artist Sara Richardson

Eumenides Moods

About 4 months ago, I began working with different shades of custom mixed indigo blue and have completed around 30 small to medium size fine art paintings. The temperature of the color palette is deliberately kept cool with just a tiny amount of blue-green mixed into the dark blues and blacks. I noticed early in the series if red tones get into the paint, it quickly turns to violet and pink which disturbs the mood and my intentions.

The Eumenides Series started with a subdued color palette and then I quickly moved to black and white.

As soon as I realized the emotion I was trying to convey was beautiful in black and white, but a little bit too mysterious, I mixed this gorgeous blue/black paint to experiment with…the color palette change was successful!

I am trying to convey raw power and softness in The Eumenides Series – sometimes there is conflict between the two and at times the duality blends into one perfect emotion.

The introduction of the blues created this fantastic dream-like quality in some of the paintings. I plan on exploring this aspect more in the future.

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