cheesecake art, dessert art, cheesecake painting, cake drawing, sara richardson

Her Peach Glow Nymphaea Cheesecake – 22h x 30w

I’m going to risk looking like I’m going bananas in my studio. For the past two months, I’ve been working on so many different pieces at the same time. I’m sure it looks like 3 people are working in my studio right now, but when I see it unfolding – it all relates. Water, land, romance, tragedy…humor and sorrow.

>cheesecake art, dessert art, cheesecake painting, waterlily art, sara richardson

Her Escarboucle Nymphaea Cheesecake – 22h x 30w

I am still working on a life stage I see the characters from the play Ondine living in (ie. she’s in her mid-20’s trying to send messages to her lost love). However, I also made a leap forward in my imagined timeline. The character is no longer young and saturated with her emotions. She’s older, wiser maybe even in her early to late 50’s.

She’s still baking and has added botany to her studies, but she’s changed. The action(s) she takes now introduces her newly formed definition of personal delight. Thoughts of her love and loss operate in the background of her mind instead of being the constant center of the present. Who knows, maybe she now runs a highly profitable and inventive bakery. The new mixed media works on paper represent a mature, intelligent Ondine.