Original oil painting by contemporary artist Sara Richardson

Allegory No. 4

This oil painting is part of a new contemporary painting series that is suggestive of natural elements…shadowing connections with suggestions rather than literal interpretations to tell the unfolding story. The Allegory Series is becoming some of the best non-figurative work I have done to date.

I decided to feature this work because it’s the piece that pushed me to extend free shipping on Artfinder not just to US collectors but to the United Kingdom. Allegory No. 4 (18hx24w / 60.96×45.72 cm) surprised and delighted me with the amount of attention it has received on different platforms. The attention aside, it is an important piece to me personally because it represents another leap. These ‘leaps’ are important to the growth of my career as a professional artist and keeps the studio moving forward. Allegory No. 4 has me thinking about Canada and other countries too. How can I make things easier for all international collectors?

On another level, I have been wondering if the arts (not just visual arts) helps us all relate to one another whatever our differences or similarities may be. Can the arts help us connect on a profoundly deeper level — remind us of our humanity? To be decent, kind and generous. This seems to be my month to wonder on the inside and out loud.

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