Gallerique Chicago new curated art collections

Loving the addition of curated collections

The Exacting Potion No.5, an encaustic painting I completed earlier this year, is featured as the lead in work to the Gallerique Curated Marine Collection. See the enormous red arrow pointing to the blue oceanic painting? That’s me! It is always a happy day to be highlighted.

Encaustic water painting by contemporary artist Sara Richardson

The Exacting Potion Series

The Exacting Potion Series The Exacting Potion Series started off having ties to my prior works that were based off notions of Poseidon passing romantic notes in the ocean by shaping the currents. However, The Exacting Potion took a creative leap to the notion of Kleodora (a Greek mythological figure) making love potions with ocean water. This series introduces a more gentle approach to color, motion, light and allows bits of the unexpected to remain inside the layers of glassy surfaces.

By writing about Kleodora and Poseidon it makes it sound like I am deeply interested in Greek mythology but instead I see the ideas as starting off points to make references and hints versus and all-inconclusive story.

I’ll admit, I do like looking at topography and am not immune to its influences so if you see hints of satellite ocean imagery in the works – you are right. The technical aspects of these works combined with a romantic spin have led me to create several beautiful pieces in the series to date with more on the way.