Escarboucle Manifest Nº 2

The painting Escarboucle Manifest Nº 2 is an addition to The Plight series – a group of works derived from the romantic, poetic, and tragic ‘what if’s’ that come to mind when I think about Giraudoux’s play Ondine. The Escarboucle Manifest works hold a metaphorical key. I used to create large paintings. Sometimes up to 8 ft. x 10 ft, but switched to a smaller scale for awhile. After painting the piece below, I could see that now is the time to begin adding larger pieces into the evolving collections.

Acrylic paint on paper by artist Sara Richardson

Escarboucle Manifest Nº 2 is created with acrylic paint and gel medium on pH neutral 100% cotton rag heavy weight paper (300gsm). When choosing frame options, I recommend, if not museum grade glass, UV conservation glass (or plexiglass) to filter out UV rays that can damage art work. Escarboucle Manifest Nº 2 is signed and dated on the back.