Valley of the Balls No.1 – Open Edition Giclee Photograph

2016 open edition giclee print on luster gallery paper (260 gsm) using archival pigment ink from a high resolution film scan and digitally retouched. The image size is 18w x 14h with a 1.75″ border for simplified framing if you choose to use a standard size 20×24 frame. If you would like a larger size, please contact us. This piece (part of The Enchanted Series) began with a photograph taken using an old school medium format Mamiya RZ67 and color film.

Sara Richardson fine artist photography

This set of photographs were taken close to Spruce Mountain in Colorado near an open range. Most artists have funny stories about certain pieces whether a dog mangled a painting and the bite marks improved the work, coffee was spilled on a piece that resulted in a new color or something like this:

We hiked with the 3 inflated beach balls…

We hiked with backpacks, camera gear and the 3 inflated balls through about 18 inches of crunchy old snow. Not what you’d call an easy trail walk. After deciding on a shoot spot, we anchored the balls and I began to setup the camera. After about 15 minutes, the weather shifted (of course) and the wind began to gust and snapped the line of one of the balls. The wind carried the ball quickly down the slope towards a barbed wire fence. I was chasing after the ball as fast as I could to try and stop it from getting popped but tripped and fell face first into the snow (ARGH!). The wind whipped the ball into the fence and ripped a large hole in it, but fortunately I packed masking tape to do a quick patch job. The resulting photograph has quiet, calm and serene look to it — you would never suspect blowing wind wreaked chaotic havoc behind the scenes.