Painting Hidden Messages No.7 acrylic painting on paper by contemporary artist Sara Richardson

So, I Had This Great Epiphany

About 2 weeks ago I had this great (and somewhat obvious) realization about buying and selling art. It occurred to me that making things a little easier on collectors and broadening the prices of my work may be a brilliant idea. Not everyone wants an $8,000 painting, right? And I thought, I don’t mind matting/mounting work and I know which mats are exceptional quality – why not let a collector skip that part and just handle the framing when needed (someone may have specific framing ideas to match their decor or design project).

Acrylic abstract landscape painting by fine artist Sara Richardson

Ideas = Action

Ideas in the studio are always terrific because it most often equals action. Within a few days I started working on 7 now 6 because one bombed, small-ish abstract landscape/seascape paintings that I deliberately created a certain size so I could pre mat/mount with archival 16h x 20w white mats. This way, a collector can simply pop the painting in a standard 16h x 20w frame of their choice. The 6 paintings turned out beautiful and a splendid addition to the ever-growing Hidden Messages Series. The painting shown above Hidden Message No.7 (pre mat/mount with protective sleeve) is priced at $175 and includes free shipping in the U.S. Click here to see more details about the painting and purchase any of the 6 new works.