Painting Hidden Messages No.6 by Sara Richardson

This week I am sharing a large photo because sometimes it’s helpful to see what a painting could look like framed and placed into an interior space…be warned, I am a fan of enormous imposing frames regardless of the trend for either no frame or skinny natural wood frames. If I could, I would frame my work in massive iron or steel frames.

Hidden Message No.6 (shown above) is not that heavy in reality but it has the illusion of being weighty. I love it when work feels bigger, heavier and larger than life. Hidden Message No. 6 is listed for sale in several places but you are welcome to contact the studio if you would like more information about this piece. This painting is part of a large ongoing series titled Hidden Messages. The series is about secrets or messages left in different compositions rooted in the idea of rudimentary structures or markings deliberately created for someone to find…without a specific association to the concept of linear time. The imagined secret messages will be discovered — whenever. The series is starkly beautiful with its harsh grace, unapologetic bold strokes and high contrast palette.

Need more juicy pics? Contact the studio directly and we’ll get what you need.