Fine artists Sara Richardson at work in the studio on a new small birds oil painting

Last month I wrote about the beginning of what could turn out to be a full blown little birds and small creatures series. I was busy mapping ideas in my mind and sorting through objectives — fast forward to this month — the ideas have completely solidified into something I really love working through and the series is a go. It is exciting to see how each piece comes together – sometimes in unexpected ways which keeps working in the studio fascinating.

What’s Left Unsaid

I am still working with the idea of the unsaid or in action / inaction where the seemingly simplistic compositions are loaded with what’s happening (or not) between the birds or characters. As if a drama is unfolding. I originally began with birds in different positions including one or two that were either sleeping, ill or passed away depending on the viewers interpretation. I’m not afraid to paint sorrow. Since then, I have several canvases in the mix that are just plain sweet. Not synthetic sweet, but playful. I’m not afraid to paint joy.

To my absolute delight, the series is unfolding so fast I can not keep up. Because the dry time between layers of oil paint and pigment sticks takes awhile, I may wind up throwing some water media (gouache or watercolor) pieces into the series. More to discover! Do you have thoughts you would like to share or are you interested in purchasing work from this series? Please contact the studio.