Sara Richardson small bird oil painting

When the new year rang in a batch of cold viruses ran rampant in my home and studio. Life in my art world slowed down, but now that things have settled down – more action is in the works including the introduction of what is turning out to be a new series. Small creatures.

In action / Inaction

I am still in the space of formulation but as of now, the creature series is about in action / inaction, relationships between the characters and even creating the potential for a creature to live outside of the canvas. Some of it is sad. Some of it is endearingly funny. My entire objective is venturing into a realm where I am creating complex emotional exchanges however obvious or profoundly subtle. The painting below titled “Four Square” is still in progress. You can see the white oil stick marks where I’ve roughed in areas of light.

Sara Richardson small bird oil painting in progress

The Other Side of the Story

This is one of those times where I am not going to reveal too much about what’s going on in the work because I love hearing what people see without the hints or guidance from my chatter. I recently posted a few snapshots of creature paintings in progress and asked my Facebook friends to tell me what they saw – it was terrifically delightful to read their responses. Part of my joy in being an artist is hearing the other side of the story told by who is looking at the work. That, in itself, is like completing the piece.

Do you have thoughts you would like to share or are you interested in purchasing work from this series? Please contact the studio.