Contextual interior design to help show how a painting could look.

The holiday season always seems to turn my studio time upside down and backwards. However, I did find a couple of moments to mock up a few of my paintings and drawings into interior spaces. I thought this would be helpful for collectors, designers and buyers to ‘see’ what the work could look like in a simple but pretty space.

I honestly don’t have beautiful furniture (that kids have not jumped on) or access (yet) to luxuriously spacious rooms so I had to work with the next best thing — stock photography and some of my old web skills. The new interior imagery will be used for works of art listed online for purchase and to send to prospective collectors.

The December Bog Dance

Along with the new interior space mockups, this December has been and will continue to be a bog dance ie. rather than a nice steady work flow — I am often bogged down and grabbing time to be in the studio any chance I can. Good things have been rolling out this month: my studio signed with Gallerique a Chicago based art broker and curator service that helps collectors and designers locate works of art. I also opened an additional online store for purchasing options through ArtFinder. If you are interested in any of the work listed on the web site or a commissioned piece, you are also welcome to contact the studio directly. Cheers – and thank you!