Studio Detail - Oil Painting in progress by fine artist Sara Richardson

Normally, I do not post photos of art in progress because I think the work looks half-dressed and/or is still going through phases — often into an area which I’ve dubbed the uglies. However, in the spirit of artistic growth, I have been trying different ideas including letting collectors and readers see work go through its stages towards completion. The snapshot above, taken with a cell phone, is of a 30h x 40w oil painting about 50% complete. I’ve decided to share this piece because I think it illustrates best the new direction I am taking.

It’s Not.

I am certain the new work looks like a complete deviation from where I have been. It’s not. Soft, delicate brushwork with somewhat brutal spontaneous paint handling is where I am my most sincere and always have been. The prior work showed its strength with incised lines, palette choices and compositions. Some lovely work was created earlier in the year, but I shifted. I needed to. One of the arrows in my quiver I draw from (bit of a joke there) is that I, thankfully, have a deep understanding of color. I’ve always wanted to work with really bright saturated colors, to be that artist, but I’m not. Not right now. The elements that compel me most in my own work and other artists are the spaces where shadowy areas lurk and expand into light. Beautiful beastly. The work begins to transcend (I hate that word but I can’t think of a better one) into…ethereal.