Oil Painting Hidden Messages by contemporary artist Sara Richardson

When I started the this group of works I thought maybe I would make 10 or 12 paintings but after I reached the 12th painting I could tell – it wasn’t enough. Even though I have a small following, I published on Instagram that I would paint 25 and when I announce goals publicly it keeps me accountable. 25 it is.

One of the objectives I had in mind when I began the paintings was to break past something that was happening in a few of the small birds paintings I have been working on for several months. The birds were becoming tighter, the paint handling appears restrained and the the birds feel restricted. I can paint what I call ‘tight’ representational paintings all day long but I am happiest with my work when the brush strokes are visible, the paint is thick in places and the imagery is loose, expressive and fluid.

When I reached the 12th black and white painting I began to move into a space where the work is highly gestural however, I needed to push even more. The techniques, the way I paint and create, is extremely important to me. Through making these paintings I learned that yes, 25 is a lot, but the exercise was intensely helpful and I am adding the exercise to my ‘go-to’ list that I reach for when I need to redirect studio habits.

Oil Painting Hidden Message No.18 by Sara RichardsonOil Painting Hidden Message No.20 by Sara Richardson

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